Complete branded vehicle protection system

Stretchmaster Branding

All car poducts are available for branding

We offer:

  • Range of colours
  • Screen printing, embroidery, and small tags for seat covers
  • Embroidered, woven badges, printed tags on carpet mats and metal badges for rubber mats
  • Small tag or corner ribbon for sunshades
  • Screen Printing for safety pack
STM Icons 2020 67

Seat Covers

STM Icons 2020 45

Car Mats

STM Icons 2020 59

Boot Mats

STM Icons 2020 63


STM Icons 2020 106

Safety Packs


Protect your car's interior and improve your driver safety with stretchmaster

Enjoy new levels of comfort and vehicle protection with premium accessories. Tailor-made automotive accessories and complete vehicle protection systems built to last and designed to New Zealand standards.