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Safety Packs

Choose a standard safety pack or customize your own

Choose from hundreds of items we have in stock, from gloves, emergency tools and tow ropes to fire blankets and more!
Or select a standard safety bag with core safety items like safety warning triangles, first aid kit, mini wind-up torch and hi-visibility vests.
You can also purchase items individually if needed. 

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High quality products

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Wide range of products to choose from

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Customise your own pack

Standard Safety Packs

Safety packs can be assembled to your exact requirements in just a few days, or you can order a standard one. You can even brand your safety pack with your logo. What’s included in our standard safety pack: 

Customise Your Own Safety Pack

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Emergency Tools

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Jump Leads

STM Icons fire blankets

Fire Blankets

STM Icons rain ponch

Waterproof Poncho

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Fire Extinguisher

STM Icons glovers

Cotton Gloves

STM Icons tow rope

Tow Rope

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