Fits perfectly - is durable, safe, and designed specifically for you

Used Car Dealerships

Enhance the presentation of vehicle interiors or white label your own accessories range
  • Brand your own line of car accessories
  • White-label car accessories and bundles
  • Replace worn mats and boot liners
  • Offer a desirable range add on options for clients

Stretchmaster offers a wide range of car accessories for enhancing the appearance and comfort of vehicle interiors. Replacing worn mats or boot liners can help with presentation, and getting an exact fit makes all the difference.

Our range of white-label car accessories and bundles are perfect for upselling, and our extensive pattern library means that we can easily supply any make or model with branding options available

Whether you want to give a used car a fresh lease of life or just offer some extra options to your customers, we can assist.


Premium product, premium service

Premium quality car accessories designed, manufactured and supplied within 5 days

Protect your car's interior and improve your driver safety with stretchmaster

Enjoy new levels of comfort and vehicle protection with premium accessories. Tailor-made automotive accessories and complete vehicle protection systems built to last and designed to New Zealand standards.