Protect your car's interior and improve driver safety with accessories that fit perfectly

Ute Bundles

Are you looking for tough and long lasting ute accessories?
Get everything you need from one provider – a fast, Complete interior ute protection system, Durable materials & smart designs for the ultimate defense.
STM Icons 2020 45

Car Mats

STM Icons 2020 59

Tray Liner

STM Icons no gap

Gap Stop

At Stretchmaster, we appreciate that utes need durable mats, tray liners and gap stops. They work hard, just like their drivers. Because of this, we have designed accessories that are specifically built to withstand the wear and tear of New Zealand utes.

Ute Bundles Features

STM Icons nz standard

Engineered to meet New Zealand standards

STM Icons approved

They are not only safe, but functional too

STM Icons non slip

Mats won’t slip

STM Icons select models

Tailored to fit your vehicle needs

STM Icons water no dirt or mud 2

Mud and dirt won’t seep through

Tailor your bundle to your needs

You can choose a bundle or tailor your own. Our team can create a package that includes exactly what you want.

Keep your ute’s interior in pristine condition, with the very best ute protection bundles.

Choose From:

Full set of mats
Tray liner
Gap Stop

Protect your car's interior and improve your driver safety with stretchmaster

Enjoy new levels of comfort and vehicle protection with premium accessories. Tailor-made automotive accessories and complete vehicle protection systems built to last and designed to New Zealand standards.