Tailor-made automotive accessories

Fleet Companies

Complete vehicle protection systems that are tailor-made, comfortable, and high quality!
  • Complete interior protection systems
  • Built tough and designed to NZ standards
  • Fully customisable to your specifications
  • Accessories for any vehicle, in any quantity, within days

Extend the life of your fleet and provide an enjoyable driving experience too.

We understand the challenges that you face when it comes to keeping your fleet running smoothly and efficiently. That is why we are committed to providing high-quality, durable Seat Covers, Car Mats, and Boot Liners that will help protect your vehicle’s interior.

Our team of designers specifically create products that withstand the rigorous use of a fleet vehicle. They are not only safe but functional too. Your drivers can access all the features of their seats including airbags, their mats won’t slip and their Sunshades are made to fit windscreens precisely, reducing car interiors by up to 20 degrees. Every detail counts to us.


Exceptional Value & ROI

Our team can design a range that functions exactly as intended and extends the life of your vehicles.

We have been designing car accessories for over 50 years, so we have the biggest interior pattern library in Australasia and our processes down-pat.

All of this means you can have a high quality product, made to fit your exact measurements within a few days – not weeks!

Bespoke Solutions

As a full-service design and manufacturing company, anything is possible!
Because we’ve been making car accessories for all types of vehicles and industries, there isn’t a problem we haven’t solved countless times before. If you want something designed with a specific function in mind, or to overcome a challenge, we can help.

We bring in the finest materials, control the quality, design, create a 3D cut-out, make adjustments, and manufacture!
Meaning you can have the highest quality vehicle protection in your vehicles sooner rather than later. Check our extensive products range below!

Premium product, premium service

Premium quality car accessories designed, manufactured and supplied within 5 days.

Protect your car's interior and improve your driver safety with stretchmaster

Enjoy new levels of comfort and vehicle protection with premium accessories. Tailor-made automotive accessories and complete vehicle protection systems built to last and designed to New Zealand standards.