Complete vehicle protection systems

New Car Dealerships

Offer your clients new levels of comfort and complete vehicle protection bundles
  • Brand your own line of car accessories
  • White-label car accessories and bundles
  • Offer accessories that don’t come standard with new cars
  • Provide custom options for large orders

New Car Dealerships turn to Stretchmaster for many reasons. Not only do we supply a premium product with extensive warranties, but we have the largest interior pattern library of floor mats, cargo liners, seat covers, and sunshades.

This means we can manufacture and supply a custom fit solution within 5 working days. Let us know if something is missing from your line of accessories, and we’ll have it to you pronto.

You can boost add-on sales by offering Stretchmaster’s extensive collection of premium car accessories.


Premium product, premium service

Premium quality car accessories designed, manufactured and supplied within 5 days

Protect your car's interior and improve your driver safety with stretchmaster

Enjoy new levels of comfort and vehicle protection with premium accessories. Tailor-made automotive accessories and complete vehicle protection systems built to last and designed to New Zealand standards.