Fits perfectly - is durable, safe, and designed specifically for you.


Protection from UV rays and frost!

We thought it was about time someone in this part of the world solved the problem of ill-fitting and sagging universal sunshades! Stretchmaster’s have designed a Custom-fit windshield sunshade to protect your vehicle’s interior from harmful UV rays and frost build-up during winter.


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Precision Fit

STM Icons 2020 48

Ultimate UV Protection

STM Icons no background frost protection 2

Winter Frost Build-up Protection

The best sunshades are precision-fit and tailored to your specific vehicle make and model. Stretchmaster’s sunshades fit snugly against your windshield and have no gaps for sun or heat to get through.  They’re easy to install and remove, and they’ll make a big difference in the comfort of your car on hot days. Its clever edge to edge design, coupled with a foam core helps keep interior temperatures cool in the summer, or flip it around and help prevent frost build-up in the winter.

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Investing in a good set of sunshades is an investment in your comfort and vehicles protection. But not all sunshades are created equal. When it comes to sunshades, don’t settle for anything less than the precision fit.

Effortless storage with velcro strap and optional bag
Rolls up for easy storage
Keeps vehicle cool

Shades Features

STM Icons uv protection 2

UV protection

STM Icons winsdcreen 3

Tailored to your vehicle windscreen

STM Icons winsdcreen rools up

Rolls up for easy storage

STM Icons winsdcreen velcro

Effortless storage with velcro strap and optional bag

STM Icons winsdcreen insulated 2

3 time laminate and insulative surface

STM Icons 20 degrees

The heat reduction of up to 20 degrees

STM Icons winsdcreen cold and cooler 3

Dual purpose design meaning it keeps your vehicle cool in Summer and warm in Winter

Protect your car's interior and improve your driver safety with stretchmaster

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